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Yes Seth, banned under your new name for the same Sad
take care vh peepul
aight i give up
dam i got banned again? xD
Hi TinyC. 1.13 is still in very early development. Mojang keeps adding, altering and breaking things which means 1.13 is nowhere to be considered as stable. The VH development team is following 1.13 development and trying out things on our private development server with each snapshot release. What is certain is that VH will upgrade to 1.13 when it is released. It is too premature to state whether it will be a plain upgrade from the current map or a whole new map. In the latter case, the community will be made aware in due time and trusted members of the community be asked to involved with production and testing.
Am curious to what tests are been carried out on the test server. Vanilla High has a good track record of involving the community in testing to further optimise the player experience with the custom map type, as displayed within the carefully construction of Vanilla high 2.0 and to a lesser extent in 3.0; at what point will the development progress of 3.0 (1.13 upgrade) or 4.0 be made public and the testing circle widen?
If you have something you want to raise with the admin team thats fine. Random accusations and inferences aren't going to be tolerated thrown out at the team for no reason. What ever you meant by that, i don't know and you havn't cleared it up. Have an ounce of respect and talk about it properly if you have an issue you need addressed.
nvrm lol
what are you talking about div?
favoritism and abuse of power are my personal favorite o_o
@Charis I can't log back in for some reason, dunno whats up. Ill come by and fix the griller when i can
typo dat wa
why u steal dem cubez
why u steal gem cubez
y0 cubestealer
Showcase is handled by lemon_82. I have not heard from her in a while. If she's still MIA in the coming days, someone else will be appointed to update it.
Still awaiting the next Vanilla High Legacy Showcase, last one was in September :/
im not an admin but ik the chest has a lever for auto dispose of items wich was probebly on you can make the pickaxe again by enchanting the pickaxe or by enchanting / buying books wich you can put on the pickaxe in an anvil
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11-28-2017, 10:32 AM, RedstoneEmolga
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Vanilla High Minecraft server and Forum rules.
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60 213 RARE EGG!!!
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150 733 Farm with the GIANT cow.
12-13-2017, 08:18 PM, Netherboy103
Glitches/Issues with servers
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Gamer situations
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Report violations of Vanilla High server rules and other in-game transgressions.
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