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Lapras!! Can't give you coords but I can meet you at market!
Subscribe to:; I wouldn't speak on behalf of the staff, but the current map is over a year old. But VH staff never delete maps, they are achieved instead and normally for the later 3-6 months you can continue on builds until the map becomes whitelisted and view only.
Hia. Is there going to be a world reset anytime soon?
Seems I'll need to bring my idea inland, thanks to whoever thought that adding the Drowned was a good idea. I don't think anyone wants villagers getting slapped into zombies via thrown trident.
But can you give me a TP in some precise coordinate, (someone invite me on his town but its really far)
Ok thx, but I will change of base Smile
Woldart, I got you. Stay on the server when you log on, I'll give you a TP to your base when I catch you online.
They kill me when I come back to my house... And I don't take any screenshots
Woldart, to get your problem solved, make a thread under gamer situations explaining your problem. It usually helps to have screenshots of the problem too, like of your house or of offending chat text
They lie about that and say its note my home
Please help
Im reportent frankrory849 and Oswald_Mosley1 for stealing my home and kill me
Hi, I filed an appeal so I hope that a mod can check it out ASAP
Sorry for the downtime. It was due to a mixup with invoicing dates with the datacenter. On the bright side, the server ended up being paid for the month of April 2018 too :-) Thanks for your patience
Fin when you get the chance can you pm me your bases cords so I can deliver the items from when you made the drawing.
Right!! I'm curious!
Authentication Servers down for they say....
Henlo??? Owo ohhh what's that???
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