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Roadmap to 1.9

Info on the new server

We have been running many versions of a world with different generator settings until we found one which is less ugly than amplified and still gives a challenging but beautiful and high terrain, remaining true to the "High" in "Vanilla High". There will be no transferring items or builds from the current server to the new one. Everyone will get a fresh start.

Mob Griefing will be set to ON meaning exploding Creepers and Ghast fireballs will cause damage to blocks. Light up your bases properly! We are keeping the rest of the gameplay rules as on the current 1.8 server. No Griefing, No Raiding, No unwarranted PvP, keep a family-friendly atmosphere.

Fire Spread: OFF Keep Inventory: ON Difficulty: NORMAL

Players will have the ability to teleport to spawn and back to their home. This was a much requested feature on the current 1.8 server and we decided to implement it for the new 1.9 server. Given that dying is no longer the ideal fast solution to go back home, there will be a penalty for dying: a loss of 3 XP levels. This penalty is not applicable when dying in the PVP arena.
To reduce entity lag, players will be asked to keep a maximum of about 200 entities in loaded chunks. Remember that mobs, item frames, armor stands, paintings are all entities.

What will happen to the current 1.8 server?
Contrary to unfounded rumors, the current 1.8 server will not be deleted once we move to 1.9. The current plan for 1.8 is
  • Run the 1.8 server on the server address legacy.vanillahigh.net up to May 7th 2016 to allow players time to complete their builds
  • On May 8th 2016, the whole 1.8 server will be switched to adventure mode. There will be clickable signs at spawn for everyone to teleport and visit the different towns and other interesting builds
  • Efforts will be made to run the 1.8 server in this adventure-mode only state up to 8th July 2016 so that you can show your friends what you built.
  • After this grace period, it will be time to retire the 1.8 world. The server will be stopped and archived. There are no plans to make this 27 GB world downloadable due to its immense size.


March 7th 2016 - Vanilla High 1.9 launches on mc.vanillahigh.net. Vanilla High 1.8 playable on legacy.vanillahigh.net
May 8th 2016 - Vanilla High 1.8 switches to Adventure mode
July 8th 2016 - Vanilla High 1.8 is retired.

A big Thank you! to everyone who participated in the making of Vanilla High 1.9, from builders to beta testers and financial contributors!
[Image: nGVjqqg.png]
Sounds about right.
Is there someway that if we do have to reset the map we can put our favourite armour and items in an enderchest and our inventories so we have them if and when the new map opens?
Hello. I should have posted a long-overdue update.

The staff team of VH, a few selected players and two command block specialists from two other servers have been busy working on a brand new 1.9-SNAPSHOT server. I have decided to leave the current 1.8 map alone and we'll have a brand new Minecraft 1.9 world on a different server when Mojang releases Minecraft 1.9.

The current address mc.vanillahigh.net will point to the new Minecraft 1.9 server when we're ready to go public and the current 1.8 world will be playable via legacy.vanillahigh.net when we do the switch. The 1.8 world will be kept up and running until you all get bored and move to the better 1.9 server.

Nobody will get to keep items from the 1.8 world. Everyone will start fresh from nothing on Vanilla High 1.9. We have been working hard to give you new features and you'll love the new server.
[Image: nGVjqqg.png]
I can't wait for 1.9 thats gone be so funny Smile

Hope you all gone have fun Big Grin
oooohhh this should be awesome Smile

All we need now is Mojang to release 1.9, hopefully sooner rather than later
[Image: Carl_71.png]
It looks like i will lose all my stuff
I want to help so badly but I have basically no access to Minecraft right now...
*pokes the thread excitedly*
is it going to be an amplified world again?

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