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Beaconsand Town
I am leaving Beaconsand and therefore will not be taking on any more invites

[Image: Screenshot%202016-08-26%2013.22.26_zpsn2swjibn.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-08-26%2013.22.42_zpsks3olzeq.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-08-26%2013.25.09_zpspbl6blso.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-08-26%2013.32.01_zpsxsuggikg.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-08-26%2013.30.22_zpskcnbar11.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-08-26%2013.33.52_zpsvqlbs5nj.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-08-26%2013.32.44_zpshr6tf43y.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-08-26%2013.37.26_zpsrgx8k2qm.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-08-26%2013.36.57_zpsx1aqtt5t.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-08-26%2013.34.52_zps0ml9xsh4.png]

So after much construction, Me and iClogg have agreed to open Beaconsand Town for Invites.
If you would like to join us, please send me an PM via the forums or talk to me in-game.
Invites will be done in a controlled manner, which may means you have to wait for others to settle down first.

Town Feature:
  • Town Garden: A Common resource pool, which contains normal and rare renewable resources
  • A Villager market: With some useful trades
  • Spider xp farm: For string and xp
  • 6 Shop fronts: For inner town trades
  • Access to Mesa (Via nether): Town members only (Unless a normal player finds it by accident)
  • 12 Built houses (6 Remaining) [Unless you are happy to build, you will have to wait]
  • Access to Skelly Farm (Via nether): Spawner isolated, located near the sand village, (the village that the villager came from)
  • Town Hall: 75% done.

  • A Guardian Farm: The inside of the temple is drained, but the outside is still a WIP.
  • A Blaze Farm: The Double spawner is isolated in cobblestone, design phase yet to begin.

    I will like to Stress that the Town layout is still a WIP, So there may be areas that seem like a construction site.
[Image: 37433433325_a207a98313_z.jpg]
Looks great! Smile
Really nice build Smile

I like the style
[Image: Carl_71.png]
I love that's it's just off the water. It's a very nice touch. <3
Got silk touch, so the glowstone tree lighting make a comeback.

[Image: Screenshot%202016-03-28%2023.50.28_zps0y0rmju6.png]

And the Garden gets some love too.  Heart
(Yes I know there's a skelly trap on the tall tree  Cry )

[Image: Screenshot%202016-03-28%2023.47.14_zpsbu8qwuqg.png]
[Image: 37433433325_a207a98313_z.jpg]
The next house is near completion and the path is extended and my house has it glowstone glass lighting fitted,

[Image: Screenshot%202016-03-29%2016.32.50_zpsbw0tqxs2.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-03-29%2017.00.46_zpsepjczdb1.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-03-29%2016.32.25_zpsexa3pvuo.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-03-29%2016.35.29_zpsbim5vsxa.png]
[Image: 37433433325_a207a98313_z.jpg]
This new house looks fantastic! I love the choice of color here. Great job ^^
So a lot has happened including the completion of the villager transfer project for the Island's all trades market center and the expansion of river. and lastly more roads.

The villagers were transported by a one-way nether portal loop.
[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-02%2015.44.16_zps7wmvcyg8.png]

[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-02%2015.44.27_zps31ef8fql.png]

[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-02%2015.44.34_zpsazqrrmwn.png]

[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-02%2016.11.26_zpsupf41mf2.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-02%2016.10.43_zpsiq0qqbdr.png]

[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-02%2016.11.08_zpstz7beqgm.png]
[Image: 37433433325_a207a98313_z.jpg]
I don't even want to ask how long it took to get all those caveman squidwards there
Time for something that looks grand. The 3rd house. To be honest I want to replace the stone bricks of my house (the first one) with clay now. The road is still a work in progress that will be completed in time.

[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-08%2021.53.43_zpsakh5cuop.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-08%2020.41.23_zpseqaebvuj.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-08%2021.53.17_zpsdlzbnmhe.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-08%2021.52.14_zpskccutgzu.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-08%2021.53.07_zps5uwv7ppx.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-08%2021.53.01_zps8ywavdei.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-08%2021.52.54_zpsbucbwssz.png]
[Image: Screenshot%202016-04-08%2021.53.11_zpswd9ojrdq.png]
[Image: 37433433325_a207a98313_z.jpg]

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