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Me and the good Skuby are experimenting with some kind of fantasy building style, the idea is to make a city (or at least a town) inspired by a Final Fantasy, maybe WoW style, with an evil twist. The main temple will be dedicated to Herobrine. So far not much other than the main square and the nether portal are done.



Any suggestion or collaboration proposal is welcome Smile
[Image: Gintoki90.html]
With the dark theme, perhaps a big dying tree, "weeping willow"(?) style... and a polluted area with bright green poison pools adound a poisonmakers house. prolly in contrast with darker colors... If possible, make abberations a la undead style patchwerk decorations, like a few teslacoils n stuff. if like one side of the "town" woule be designated to the undeads. Smile

nothing wrong with a few strung up dead folks Big Grin
[Image: Hangie.png]

woah.........dude :O thats awesome
whether skyward bound...adrift in time...or steeped in the glowing ember of twilight....
the scared blade of forever bound to the hero...

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