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Minecraft Aquatic Update
Minecraft the Aquatic Update is under heavy development by Mojang and you're all probably wondering what the Road map for Vanilla High is.

We are following development very closely and because the new update has so many changes, Vanilla high will open a new map bringing with it all of the exciting new stuff that the Aquatic Update has to offer. To address concerns that some of you may have regarding current builds, please keep in mind that we NEVER delete worlds and all your work that you have spent so much time on. They are moved to other servers where players can choose to log on and complete any pending projects.

Please check this thread for future updates Smile
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There has not been much to update here but I thought I would let you all know where we are at.

We are still moving along with the snapshot releases as they are made public. Everything is going well and as you all know there are already some very cool things that are now fully functional.

Please check back, I will update you all again soon Smile
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We have noticed questions starting to arise a lot on the current state of our 1.13 server.

At present there is "no" official release date for the aquatic update from Mojang themselves.

There is a mention of the release date scheduled for Q2 which gives them until the end of June. This is below at the link supplied but this is not an official Mojang statement.


What we know at this point 1.13 is still under heavy development with 3 snapshots coming out just last week alone. All of these snap shots still had a large amount of bugs and with each new snapshot came more bugs.

What we can assure you is the staff and our tech team here at VH are working to keep up with all changes so we are ready to hit the ground running the best we can when the final release comes out.

I will update again soon Smile

Sorry for not being able to supply the answers you all want to hear
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Keeping you up to date with as much as we can as time progresses.

As of this week the link I posted previously has now changed their position on a release date. They have removed any mention of a Q2 release date and replaced with the words "1.13, also known as Update Aquatic, is an upcoming major update to Java Edition planned to be released in 2018"
At this point we have no idea if this is a good sign or a bad sign, snapshots are still being released by Mojang and we are now heavily developing the new server for our community.

A good thing to look for moving forward is pre-release versions rather than snapshots. In the past this has been a solid indicator that a release is close.

The rumours of the 21st are exactly that and are still using the original planned release date of the USA Spring March 21st - June 20th. Spring ends on the day of the Summer Solstice which is the 20th of June so people are hoping for this date as it is the day after the original plan. This is not a new rumour, just an old recycled rumour from March so please do not get your hopes up too much.
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Okay so as most of you are probably already aware the first pre-release was made available yesterday. Final release date has not been given by Mojang yet, but we must getting close now Smile

The team here at Vanilla High is working hard to be able to deliver you a new server when the final release comes out.

Over the next week we will give you some information here about our new server. We have some cool things we are bringing to the server and some old things that are making a comeback.

Please stay tuned in on this thread as we will leak some juicy info here at random times Tongue
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Okay, as most may already know by now pre-release 2 is now out. We have it up and running and the bugs are beginning to reduce ever so slowly Smile

As yet there is still no official release date for the final version.

From a Vanilla High perspective, things are going well. Our main spawn and market area is completed along with our rules tower and PVP Battle Arena.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.
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Let me know if you guys need help on the 1.13 prep server! =)
OMG im so happy do be back for the right time now that im Open water Diver by. PADI this map will be perfect for me Big Grin im happy to see you guys again and play with you Big Grin
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