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Mysterious Unidentified Reset Town

This thread is for the collaborative collective ideas for the Exclamation Mysterious Unidentified Reset Town Exclamation during the next server reset.

Only those who have had their applications accepted or are long time VH players may contribute to the discussion.

It will address the following questions:

What Biome should the town be constructed in?
What theme should the town focus on?
What basic facilities should be built for the town use?
What you think the town name should be.
Any concerns that you as a prospective member have concerning the town.
Any ideas you think would be worthy.
The job you would like to be assigned.
Are there any materials or build that you do not think the town should have.

*Remember this is a discussion, nothing is absolutely set currently so keep an open mind and be civil Angel *

Cool Current Prospective Members: Cool


If you are interested in being a member of this town then please post your application below.
Huh Applications should be formatted in this manner: Huh

Minecraft Username:
How long you have been on Vanilla High  (This is not a deal breaker, all applications are reviewed!)Exclamation :
What do you offer in terms of skills or even dedication to the town:
Why you want to be part of this town:

Once your application is reviewed it will either be accepted or denied. Please refrain from posting any ideas or concerns until your application is accepted.

With each new change this thread will be updated.
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IClogg is another player that is another prospective member upon whether she is going to be active enough once the restart comes around.

But anyways, as a fellow town leader. I've honestly been digging the opinion of this new town being in an ice biome near a frozen ocean. With 1.13 being the Update Aquatic, I think it'd be neat to see some builds over the ocean and be some kind of ice palace theme consisting of ice, light blue, and white colored blocks. Although, if we go with this plan I'm okay with keeping the name "Crystal Kingdom" or if anyone can come up with better a better name that's more fresh and unique for this idea I'm all for it.

My only concerns, as Finshou has addressed to me. Many of you probably know me as a leader that has abandoned my towns in the past or has held others from building more then just their house. After players had addressed this to me, it really had given me thought that it's time for me to really step up and change that and with this 1.13 Aquatic Update, I'm really hoping to build a better reputation for myself here on VanillaHigh as being a leader along side Finshou and UTBeefies. So for those that are willing to forgive me for the lack of success that I've given in being a town leader in the past, I promise that this time will be different.

Town Facilities, I really think we should consider to do something really creative with the town.

Once we find our location and decide on where we want to start building our town. I think it'd be nice to start out with building a nether portal a little far out from our town and then having the spawn area be like a small little school building or classroom with the rules posted of the town giving it that VanillaHigh feel at first.

I'd also like to maybe see some other unique features added like a Church and maybe going with the update some kind of fish store or aquarium.

Other facilities that I think are a must are buildings like a Town Hall ( Obviously ), a Library, Community Chest Area/Storage Room, Apartments/Hotels, Player Shops, and any other ideas can be suggested as well.

But as for some ideas that I think should be worthy is adding entertainment to the town itself with having certain activities throughout the week or maybe having a small carnival built in with the town. I believe it'd be neat to maybe have like a swimming completition, or maybe some mazes, races, or even some trivia games to win some kind of prize once or twice a week to keep the town interesting!

I'd like for myself to be assigned to many of the bridges/roads being built throughout the town and to also be asked before someone builds somewhere just incase if I plan on to build a road throughout the area. You're however, more then welcome to ask me if you can make your own path leading from where you live or another build of yours connecting to my road itself. I'd also like to possibly be in charge of building the main hotel of the town, but if I'm asking to much or if someone else would really like to take the role I'd be okay with it. Although, as in real job to the town. I'm probably going to pull in being a big help to the town and try and make some kind of factory that I'll try and put up as many materials as I can.

Many seem not to like the idea of this, but I truly would like a 28 block height building limit to anything other then a community facility build. Reason being is for one if you yourself see how height that's it gives you enough for a 6 floor house and you're also more then welcome to have a basement as well. Reason I bring up this idea, is because out of every build that I've seen built that height has never looked good. But I'm willing to accept someone to build that height ONLY if the build itself is going to blow my mind.

* Some of my opinions about the town
LocalColt  Angel
I suggested an Ice Spikes biome if you were planning on building another town using packed ice. I think LocalColts current buildings would look cool in Ice Spikes, especially when it's snowing.

I always thought Bryce Canyon would be interesting.

After watching more 1.13 videos beta videos, I'm wanting to start in the Deep Ocean, after all it's the "Aquatic" update. There are shipwrecks, underwater ruins and underwater ravines. I want to build an underwater village.
I quite like the idea of both an ice spikes palace above and an underwater village underwater. It would give the town motivation for development by all town members. The new water physics will also present an entertaining challenge for all involved.

Town Name Idea #1: Fractal Waves
Town Facilities Idea# 1: Potions brewery or apothecary. We are going to need potions!
Town Theme: Fractals
Job I'd like to be assigned: Professional loaf.
Tell me what you all think of my first preview of trying to come up with an idea to a road for an ice palace / underwater themed town. The road comes out from underneath the ocean and then the top could blend in to look like a ice berg somewhat and then come above ground into a snow biome or ice spiked biome or whatever we decide on. Preview #1 just looking for some reviews.

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LocalColt  Angel
(03-17-2018, 12:16 AM)LocalColt Wrote: Tell me what you all think of my first preview of trying to come up with an idea to a road for an ice palace / underwater themed town. The road comes out from underneath the ocean and then the top could blend in to look like a ice berg somewhat and then come above ground into a snow biome or ice spiked biome or whatever we decide on. Preview #1 just looking for some reviews.

Nice, I like the design.
Will all blocks will be slab and stair -able? this will give us many more options.

I would like to build another guardian farm for cooked fish and sea lanterns.

Wonder if the ocean is colorful with corral blocks and sea plants in the Ice spikes biome? if so, the underwater part of the town would be all colorful and warm... while up top it's all snowy and cold. Under the sea lalalala
Morely, if this is the theme. That blocks like Light Blue (Packed Ice, Prismarine, Light Blue Concrete, etc) and White Blocks ( Quartz, White Concrete, and so forth ) will be the best option for blocks to build the town out of, but it'll be highly expensive.
LocalColt  Angel

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