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Jail appeal
I am applying for an appeal for my perminant jail. my username is: cheesycheese1028, i wont lie i was caught hacking more than a year ago. my friend still plays this server and im wanting to play with him. i wont hack again.
We also have other rules on the server which you obviously did not learn whilst you were jailed for x-ray.

Today when you were logged on you broke more of these rules, by the use of poor language whilst in jail.

Looking back at the logs you commonly use of the same language skills you exhibited today which are not welcome on our community server.

Due to the following reasons your jailing has been upgraded to a permanent ban which will be carried over to the new map.

1. Use of hacks
2. Use of poor language continually on the server
3. Use of poor language today whilst asking to be allowed back on the server (This I find hard to understand)
[Image: Carl_71.png]
uhm no, i didnt use hacks while i was in jail, i didnt even have any installed, the poor languagei think i only said 1 word, and iw as told to stop so i did.

i wasnt even on the server today?!

wait nevermind 9 hrs ago

but my first point still stands. i honestly have no memory of swearing more than once.

i just read the rules and it says: "Family-Friendly Server
While friendly banter and some mild profanity that is common to gaming communities is tolerated, excessive offensive language is not allowed. Divisive and controversial subjects such as sexual orientation, politics, narcotics, abortion, religion are discouraged on the server. Too often discussion about those subjects start in a civil fashion but get out of control very quickly." it says right in the rules "while friendly banter and some mild profanity that is common to gaming communities is tolorated". "mild profanity is tolorated"
The n word and the f word are not classed as family friendly here and are far from friendly banter. Your ban stands.
The best idea whilst in jail is not to draw attention to yourself, you however did and it was not the right type. A pardon is given to players who we believe can give something positive to our community. Like mentioned above this is not the first time the same two words have made it to our screen and they are not welcome.

Item 1, reason for ban hacking was what you were actually jailed for in the first place.
[Image: Carl_71.png]
It's nice you want to play Minecraft with your friend. From our point of view, though, you have other places you can do that. The question to think about is do you want to play with us? What did you learn about us while you were in jail and focused on chat? Your friend plays on Vanilla High. What does he find valuable about playing with us?

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