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I have been griefed ;o;
As many of you know I am now known as Sir-Sizzle-Beans (haven't got around to changing my name on the forums) 
I own several towns across the map and have finally settled with a fairly good bunch of kids to rule over 
I mean care and nourish for !!!!

However, drawn to my attention is the damage that has been brought to my new and under construction base and Rillo89's rainbow path 
the griefing has also led to theft as a shulker has gone missing from that very same area.

All is easily fixable and re-attainable but I would like to know who it was if there is any news please pm me so i can share my discord tag or discuss here

Many thanks
I have looked into your report and noticed that no other players other then your town members have visited your area even in the days leading up to your report.

It appears this damage and removal of the shulker box is most likely by a fellow town member. It is our server stand point not to get directly involved in town disputes and rather have the town leader and members sort these things out internally.

Please try to sort out the issues with your fellow players, if they truly follow your rule then this issue should be easily resolved Smile

On a further note, whilst investigating this issue I note your entity count in town to be will over 350. Can you please lower this entity count below 200 as per our server rules as soon as possible.
[Image: Carl_71.png]

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