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Banner Competition
[Image: hello-1.jpg]... again! I apologize, but here is a compilation of all the designs I've created thus far.

[Image: sESrZEJ.png]

These banners have the same connotation as before, but I've included a washed-out, older-looking variant that might fit the ruin theme better:
Quote:      - The blue sea represents the aquatic update and its future prevalence in Vanilla High. (But wait, there's more!)
      - The brown mountain overlooking the sea symbolizes the server's very hilly custom terrain. (The high part in Vanilla High.)
      - Plus the white circle in the banner's center, along with the brown mountain, makes an ice cream cone. (The vanilla part in Vanilla High.)
      - And I've kept the colors light so as to be representative of the whimsical and fun nature of the server.
         - Lastly, the design is kept simple as to be analogous to the server's minimalist and very open structure.

Links: Original
            Original Inverse
            Ruin Variant
            Ruin Inverse

[Image: HFrPA0t.png]

The blue sea on these banners has been made slightly bolder, plus a ruin variant.

Links: Orignal
            Orignal Inverse
            Ruin Variant
            Ruin Inverse

[Image: EHPwXXO.png]

And lastly, a new design, of which has a sun with a gradient overlooking the brown mountain (or ice cream cone, if you will).

Links:  Original
            Original Inverse
            Ruin Variant
            Ruin Inverse

[Image: Wait-Traffic-Sign-K-7650.gif]... a moment! I was just wondering this: would it be feasible to have a poll or voting session to determine the winning banner?
Like, have an in-game display at spawn where players can vote or a forum poll with all the entries listed. The results of the public poll could be weighed with the staff member choices to choose a banner that we all agree on?
Oooooh, a banner contest ! I have to post my marble like design here then!
https://ibb.co/mfDnN8 (Sorry, Imgur is down rn, can't do better)

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