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New Town Post Restart
Hey Guys HeroOfTheWild here (Formally known as CraftPlayLive),

             I was hoping to start a large medieval town post reset, and I just need to know who would be interested. The town would be a fantasy medieval themed town for moderate to talented builders (although everyone is welcome). The town would focus on trade and would be tight knit. Also i'm looking for people to help run and manage it. If this is a good idea tell me, but if you think its a bad idea also tell me!
When exactly is the restart going to happen? Or did it already happen? I'd be down for something like this if you're willing to tolerate a newbie. lol
Hey HeroOfTheWild, I would enjoy helping building structures to the town for the next reset, however only once ive completely my own base and projects. if more people help this could be a really good community project as long as it is maintained and prevented from griefers
One Of Those Cylinder People

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