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gravel at spawn
I went to spawn and saw a piece of gravel  infront of me and got confused as to how it got there, then i tried to do it too by placing it 2 blocks above the end and when i went back to spawn and saw there were now 2 pieces of gravel wich means that you can place falling blocks at spawn you can fix this by not making spawn in the place those blocks tp to in the 1.13 map
a better solution is just having a command block set up to remove gravel from that XYZ
that would work but you would need it to remove all falling blocks not just gravel so concrete powder, sand etc too
If we make a command block thingie to clear that out, what's the purpose of having you folks for spawn cleaning day ? :-) :-)
[Image: LSQh22k.png]
oh ofc how could i forgot about spawn cleaning day
it would just fill that spot with air. it would not matter what fell into it.
oh i thought you meant replacing the blocks

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