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Shulker Boxes
Hello I'm DuckTheGamer
I have joined this server just for a few weeks and i got no doubt that this place is for me ;)
But since it's going to be a reset on 1.13 release so I think I should suggests something for the next 1.13

As you can see on the title.... Yes the Shulker boxes are very very useful but they are super hard to get, the Shulkers mob only spawn in Endcity, and there are a limited Endcity as well as Shulkers mob so for a player like me, haven't play since the beginning of the world (Because almost Endcity is looted and very hard to find).
The only way for me to get a Shulker box is to trade with players... 

So what I wanted is to add a villager that has a trade to give you Shulker boxes (With various kind of colors you can choose) and it will be expensive but at least it's still easier for the players that joins later the 1.13's world release to get Shulker boxes.

And about the price for the Shulker boxes... I think it should be from around 1 to 2 diamond blocks or maybe we can use vote cookies for the trade...5 vote cookies for 1 Shulker box but I don't know about the price much but it's not going to be too expensive or too cheap.

This is really just my first post I created an account just to suggest this and I really hope that it will be added to the server because it will be way better than just spent hours and hours of wandering around The End just to find Shulkers.
I think that's a good idea. It is almost impossible to find an endcity for new players. I would set the price higher, because it will encourage the trading between players.
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Oh yeah I also remembered that in the 1.13 there are something called datapack...I think if it's possible then adding a recipe to craft the Shulker shells will be way more better than just making a villager.. but I don't know what to use for crafting the shells... I think it should be like this:

3 Scutes combining with 3 Phantom membranes and 3 Nautilus shells for just 1 single Shulker shell

But it just my idea. and i hope it will be added to the server :)
We will not be changing the true game dynamics with custom crafting of 1.13. Shulker shells are not available for crafting and unfortunately this is how it will remain.

On another note there are many players in game who sell shulker boxes even now for a very good price. Ask online and I am sure someone can sell you some, as a server we encourage the community to trade and barter it is how the Vanilla High economy works.
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