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idk if this will get admins but like could we get sombody on the server?
Ooooh, mobs are back? I look forward to playing once my work week is over!
crazy! hope to get more time to play again. work makes me mad... Big Grin
Server has updated to 1.14.3. Mobs have been turned on to see how things are this time. Time to panic!
Apparently the contest page has been buggy for a while and we didn't know. If you tried to submit something and failed, let me know
Stop following me ShadO Tongue
I do like our admins. They’re firm, but chill.
yep totally
Best admins EVER!!!!!!
Our admins do do a good job don't they?
gj admins
got banned for saying gay
Shaders don't really depend on optifine itself, so the chance they'll work is good. A shader is a program that is passed directly to the GPU where it's compiled and executed separately from the program that passed it, outside of the GPU it's nothing but a text file.
there are prereleases of optifine you can try getting shaders to work with those but im not sure if they will
Sure! Would be better if I could make screenshots of spawn with shaders but that not too important
Shayzis, wanna give a shot at making a new one?
Banner needs more cowbells.
I think the forum's banner need a redesign.
Umm, Vanilla High? Minecraft?
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Vanilla High Rules
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Vanilla High Minecraft server and Forum rules.
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Major things happening on Vanilla High are posted here.
9 119 Building contest for Mine...
06-16-2019, 10:29 AM, Metal
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Introduce yourself to the Vanilla High community!
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06-16-2019, 05:13 PM, Arlyana
Vanilla High Life
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For our miners to post stuff that is related to Vanilla High but does not fit in the other forums
45 314 The Valkrian Texturepack
06-23-2019, 10:43 AM, Niekelodius
Builder Showcase
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Show cool stuff that you made on the Vanilla High server!
32 112 CourtHouse in Valkria
06-23-2019, 04:55 PM, Addox
Vanilla High Marketplace
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For players to participate in trade
6 14 Bells for Diamonds
05-10-2019, 04:56 PM, xxky1
Threads: 40  //  Posts: 134
Do you need technical help? Have an idea, or have you seen something that you think could be a great idea. Here is the spot to place it :)
40 134 Mobs
06-16-2019, 06:13 PM, Haberja
Glitches/Issues with the Server or Forum
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Report bugs and other issues with the server or forum. Please don't post issues that are widely known in the Minecraft community.
38 103 Username change
3 hours ago, Mullrik
Gamer Situations
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Report raids, griefs or any other violations of the Vanilla High server rules and in-game transgressions.
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Ban/Jail appeal
328 1,144 Stuff in my chest is gone
8 hours ago, Swig

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