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Brand new netherhub - cocobi - 04-06-2019

Hi everyone, it's Coco! Big Grin

Very recently, a small group of griefers wreaked havoc in the west public farm. This time though, the griefers proved to be slightly more determined compared to other baby griefers by destroying the nether hub as well.


While everyone were busy coming up with ideas to deter future griefers, Ttstooge suggested that we make the new nether hub out of (predominantly)obsidian. Everyone seemed to agree, and so the people of VH gathered to build a new nether hub as a community project under the guidance of Master Cubegineer Ttstooge.


A lot of people donated their obsidian towards the project, which helped immensely. Ttstooge came up with a floor pattern, and so we proceeded to expand the new intricate pattern throughout the hub.

[attachment=2282] [attachment=2283] [attachment=2284] [attachment=2285][attachment=2287]

Because obsidian do not mine themselves and no one is crazy enough to keep a double chest full of them somewhere, me and Ttstooge had to make an obsidian trip to the end. Luckily, Ttstooge brought a beacon with him so it wasn't as bad Tongue


While we were working on the roof, ShadObabe helped us design new pillars. They look gorgeous! 


Be sure to check out the new nether hub design yourself! Hopefully making it mostly out of obsidian will help withstand the griefer's raging tantrums.


RE: Brand new netherhub - CreepersHappen - 04-06-2019

That's cool how you captured progress pictures!

RE: Brand new netherhub - ShadOBabe - 04-07-2019

The end result looks amazing Coco! Like I said before, love the chandeliers!

RE: Brand new netherhub - Shayzis - 04-07-2019

;-; Yaaaay... Good job..
(Dat be what I get when I build something for the community... what's so fun about grieffing? How do they get their hands on so much TNT?)