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Uni ip banned - morgs - 09-09-2019

Apparently I posted in the wrong section before.

So and my uni mates where having a nice start to the year. Playing some mc on this server but out of nowhere we all got ip banned.

Plz fix.

RE: Uni ip banned - Nova - 09-09-2019

You put this in the wrong section again. Go to the top of the gamer situations forum and click on the ban/jail appeal thread. Post the appeal there.

RE: Uni ip banned - CubeStealer - 09-09-2019

The IP ban is in place because I have had at least two players from this IP who have used cheats (hacked clients) on the server, in violation of the rules. We do not have time or resources to monitor each player from this IP individually so a blanket ban was placed on the IP itself.