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Banner Competition
i like the second one very much!
Any color schemes that would fit better with the new spawn?
Here is the command to get my entry

/give @p minecraft:banner 1 4 {BlockEntityTag:{Patterns:[{Color:0,Pattern:"ms"},{Color:0,Pattern:"ls"},{Color:0,Pattern:"rs"},{Color:14,Pattern:"cbo"}]}}

If you would rather want a visual, here is the link- http://minecraft.tools/en/banner.php?col...4#crafting
Member of Fractal Waves (which is better than Valkria)

[Image: SAlex925.png]
(06-12-2018, 07:19 PM)haanturkey Wrote: Any color schemes that would fit better with the new spawn?

Spoiler alert Smile

Yes the new spawn is designed around the theme of ruins.
[Image: Carl_71.png]
We have some really nice banners posted here Smile

Keep them coming, the more the better.....
[Image: Carl_71.png]

I've designed a couple variants of a banner design, based off Takeawayrocks' ice cream banner and the nature of Vanilla High.

[Image: 5gskn5u.png]

I have attempted to incorporate a bit of symbolism into this banner as well:
      - The blue sea represents the aquatic update and its future prevalence in Vanilla High. (But wait, there's more!)
      - The brown mountain overlooking the sea symbolizes the server's very hilly custom terrain. (The high part in Vanilla High.)
      - Plus the white circle in the banner's center, along with the brown mountain, makes an ice cream cone. (The vanilla part in Vanilla High.)
      - And I've kept the colors light so as to be representative of the whimsical and fun nature of the server.

LinksOriginal version or Inverse variant.

Wait! Here is my other banner design, with yellow rays illustrating a kind-of sunset.

[Image: 0HMJ80f.png]

LinksOriginal version with yellow rays or Inverse variant.

Thank you! However, since the spawn area will have a ruin-esque design, an older or darker design may fit better. Here is an alternate idea.
Love that you built up on my idea, really looks cool Big Grin good work
-Initiator of C.P
(06-17-2018, 05:42 PM)Takeawayrocks Wrote: Love that you built up on my idea, really looks cool Big Grin good work
Thanks! But I have to thank you for the idea; I think the ice cream cone is a great design choice, though I'm enthralled to see what else people will come up with!

And as a design choice, I think the ice cream cone has a lot of potential, but I'm not quite sure how to use it effectively. It's simple and fun, though I lack the creativity to make something comprehensive.

Sorry if this is oversaturation, but here is another attempt at the design.
I tried to visualize the new spawn by what hints we got and made banners that I think would suit it Tongue

I made multiple that are similar because I couldn't decide which iteration I liked more, so here's two versions of what the background of it could look like
first one I made
second one

But then I also couldn't decide what color the flower should be, so I made even more
orange flower
purple flower
red flower

I hope you guys like it, and best of luck to anyone else participating, peace out!

EDIT: here's the first background with the flowers too
orange flower
purple flower
red flower

EDIT EDIT: I came up with some more things thanks to the ice cream design the others have been putting here
wall with ice cream
with sunshine
wall with ice cream v2
with sunshine v2
These designs are fantastic, great submissions all round Smile
[Image: Carl_71.png]

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