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Hey all,

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this, but I have been trying to get into this server but the lag I have been experiencing has really hindered my playtime... and to be more specific I am referring to how I have to mine a block multiple times just for it to drop! And being an older gentlemen with a few problems in the ol' noggin my reflexes are not as fast as they once were, making combat even more frustrating. The main offender being the Enderman. Which is all disheartening because I really want to play!

My confusion is why this is happening? I do not have this problem on other servers with more players and a bigger map, and even more so because the max population is only 60 and my thinking was that would mean less of this.

I would appreciate any answers or even technical fixes that I can do to help my experience on the server.

Hello cigarretesmokingman

The problem is that Vanilla High is a "true" vanilla server - it runs the server software provided by Mojang, which is while the being definitive Minecraft experience and is accurate to how all game mechanics should operate (even what we have to improve quality of life such as teleporting and spawn protection, is still made within Minecraft's limitations), is not exactly opimal performance wise - and this is a giant understatement.

All other vanilla servers are currently facing the same problem. The plugin supporting servers (spigot, paper, etc) are generally much more optimized, but stray towards the "server side modding" gameplay category, and overall provide a different kind of experience

The lag is mostly related to the continious world generation - you can't walk a for minute and not have waterfalls pour out in front of you, unless you are in a desert. This is due to how fresh the map is, being only about 2 weeks old. After a while, it will cool down. Until then, all I can recommend to help mitigate the issue is to upgrade your instruments, as this lag is defined by how fast the server is processing actions, not how fast it responds to them, slowing them down by a factor not a flat amount.
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