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Jailed for Xray (AgarzBurgerz__)
Hello Admins. 

I have recently been jailed for xraying. I knew the rules and I shouldn't have been dumb enough to even download a xray texture pack. I am truly sorry for xraying and I know the advantages I get by doing so. 

 I really would like to be unjailed so I can continue to talk in chat, help players, and to play respectfully with friends. I know my mistake and I will try not to repeat this mistake another time. 

The only reason I tried to xray was the reason with the scarcity of diamonds. I couldn't find a single one in two days and over 3 iron pickaxes. I am a known player, and I would love to be able to return to the amazing community and interact with new players! 

Again, im a truly sorry for giving myself a unfair advantage and I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER do it again!

Hello, AgarzBurgerz__

You'll be unjailed on following conditions:

1. Your inventory will be cleared
2. You will be sent back to the rules tower for a refresher on the server rules. I also advise to look at vanillahigh.net/rules
3. In case of repeating offense, you will be permanently banned from the server with no chance to appeal

Reply here if you agree
[Image: bamajoe411.png]
I agree, clear it.

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