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raided house
RJPoohBear, LilyLilyPad, and I had a little area in vanilla high and it was griefed and raided. All of our chests are broken and so are our beds, crops, chickens, and enchantment table.
Hi, I have looked into this for you both.

Unfortunately you built your little area only 750 blocks away from spawn and you have not been online for a few days. Due to these factors the foot traffic through this area in the past few days has been huge.
This is why we ask people to build past 15,000 blocks from spawn, this can be made up from 7500 in the x in either direction and 7500 in the z either direction, by doing this you also have greif and raid protection.
We would recommend you both move away from spawn, if you need some help in doing this many people including staff can help you along the way.
[Image: Carl_71.png]

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