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Can Not use the TP's In the vhguide book
Hi there, I just have had a problem with not being able to use the teleports in the "vhguide book."

I have had this problem not being able to tp to my house or spawn for the last 3 times i loged-in to the server. 
I always have full health/hunger and i'm always in the overworld when trying, but even when i spawn in a new book it always gives me the same msg in red.

"You cannot trigger this objective yet" (see attached: Capture1.PNG)

I have used the VH book for TP's both to my bed & spawn before, but only recently I have been unable to do so.

If you could help me to fix this issue I will appreciate it.

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type vhguide fixme or vhguide fix one of the 2 should fix the problem

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