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Little Amsterdam
So I made this little Amsterdam-looking thing in Valkria Smile
Pretty happy with how it looks what do u guys think?
Look up Dutch canal houses they're pretty fascinating!
[Image: 2018_08_08_23_47_50.png]
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that looks pretty good! I like it!
Love it Smile
What puglo said ^. Was meant to comment it on this account lol
One Of Those Cylinder People
Those town houses look superb, well done! Big Grin
[Image: Hangie.png]

thanks y'all <3
Really nice build, super effort Smile
[Image: Carl_71.png]
Here it is a bit more updated Smile
What's been added:
- Lamps
- A cool monument
- entrances from the second floors on the back
- An alleyway
- More houses on the second tier

[Image: 2018_08_12_23_50_23.png]
[Image: 2018_08_12_23_50_45.png]
[Image: 2018_08_12_23_51_15.png]
[Image: 2018_08_12_23_51_49.png]
Thats fantastic! It looks like a slice of European city living Smile
Wow! I want to live there! Thank you for sharing this showcase!

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