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town count?
I'm curious about how many towns are active, why not post your town name and any type of banner or defining thing Smile
Cylinder Project Smile still going strong lol
One Of Those Cylinder People
(08-12-2018, 12:28 AM)J4mmy Wrote: Cylinder Project Smile still going strong lol

Stronger than ever before
-Initiator of C.P
Fractal Waves by: LocalColt
Well I dont know if we are concidered a town but me and Dawids Island is living :>
Go Beyond !
Plus Ultra
There is no name and no banner yet. We are quite at the beginnig of it... but ToastyCheeseLad and me are going to build up a town.
So, if i counted right, number 3.
There is a town that i live in who's name is wip I think. The town leader is Sir_Sizzle_Beans and there are about 10 active members. We are baced in an ice spikes biome.


Edit: This is the same town as listed below by Col_A_Boy
It would be nice to have town member names, too. Smile
The beanpire consists of two towns who is glacier springs which resides in the addlington division and one is kehidulka a desert island paradise at the corner of the planet
The Snake Pit is alive and well, we have 6 members so far

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