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Game center/ market place
It would be fun to have a large area where members of the server could come and build their own game or shop for players to try or buy what they need. There could be plots to avoid conflict and there could be a portal close to spawn that could link up to it. Kind of like last years fair but with some tweaks.  Big Grin

A few ideas...

some form of race that extends around the area
different districts (games, shopping district, farms, villages etc)
some rollercoasters
death runs
A large mall with plots inside
Currency that could be used to buy items
player competitions
Seasonal builds
large community farms
Builds underwater

What do you guys think?

P.S if you are interested in starting building this place, msg me ingame Smile
There was a nether marketplace before on an earlier map but it was a flop sadly, so market places have been swapped for trading booths since VH 2.0
If you're looking to make a fun/entertainment zone, its not impossible to build it yourself. it would look impressive if pulled off correctly.
[Image: iqwykz.png]

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