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Emergency Spawn Token
Some of us spend a great deal of time teleporting to spawn to help our fellow players out or just to make some trades.  I would like to suggest a vendor trade for a lore item called "Emergency Spawn Token" which would work in conjunction with the command book to teleport a player to spawn.  The difference is the option would do nothing unless you have a token, and if you use the option it removes one token from your inventory.  Putting them as a market trade for anywhere from 1-4 cookies would make them accessible enough to be worthwhile, but not so easy as it would defeat the purpose of not having unlimited spawn ports.

The command block logic is sound.  Anyone have any feedback?
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  • hero456
YES that will be extremely useful for player trading and going to the end portal!!
-Hero 0f Valkria-
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sounds good!
It honestly depends on the original intention of spawn credits, which I believe was to limit diamond income by purely trading. I cannot see any other reason to limit it.
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thats true tiny, I think if the tokens were priced fairly, it would not completely reverse the decisions to limit the spawn ports.
Oh well, I like the limit for teleports. It makes nether-transportation and towns more interesting. I didn't need more as 5 teleports in a day yet. but I'm a player playing just some hours a day. The Idea to buy teleports in any kind of way is nice. For me it would be fine to have it as the only way to get teleports.
I like the idea alot!
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Don’t you guys still have the book that teleports you to spawn or is that not a thing anymore

(09-01-2018, 10:45 PM)Netherboy103 Wrote: Don’t you guys still have the book that teleports you to spawn or is that not a thing anymore

Oh nvm I just read the post in more detail
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Or possibly some way to trade vote cookies for extra spawn teleports? There was something similar on another server I was on a while back.
Yes. that is the suggestion.

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