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Time for a long awaited updated introduction
Yo! It’s ya boi Netherboy103. Well now my username IG is MindIfIHitAYeet but that’s another matter. I’m a veteran VH player, been playing since the first map. I began playing MC in 2012, when i was 9, a stereotypical age for someone to be playing Minecraft (oof im 15 now). So far, VH has been my favorite server to play on because of the player base and tight knit community. Since 1.12, I have not been able to play because my computer is too old to able to run java. I am getting a new chromebook, so I’ll figure out how to run minecraft and hopefully I’ll be able to play on VH soon. Until then, I look forward to that moment. Thank you for your time.
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welcome back Big Grin
-Hero 0f Valkria-
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(09-01-2018, 11:19 PM)hero456 Wrote: welcome back Big Grin

Thanks, but I’m not back yet. Soon hopefully though

I was browsing my old posts, and realized I didn’t read the replies by Carl on this post.
I’m trying this first thing tomorrow
Just tried it. My computer is too old Sad

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Still waiting on the new chromebook
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UPDATE: got the chromebook, gonna take me a couple days to set up a Linux VM in order to run Minecraft. If all goes well, then I maybe able to return sometime this week!
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