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Stats Issue
Something wrong with my stats. Redstone placed shows a negative number. I mined 3 stacks of redstone dust and a few stacks of redstone ore and now the redstone stat has gone lower still. Last played says invalid date-invalid date.

Being looked into.
[Image: rtgPp1R.jpg]
RockDigger, I tried to catch you in game but did not get chance. We have looked into this issue.

This stat actually records redstone placed and broken. Unfortunately laying dust, placing torches and breaking buttons etc reduces this stat. It is actually working as intended.

For example these are items that send your number in the negative direction

"minecraft:birch_button": 1,
"minecraft:redstone_wire": 2541,
"minecraft:redstone_block": 13,
"minecraft: stone_pressure_plate": 4,
"minecraft:light_weighted_pressure_plate": 5,
"minecraft:dark_oak_pressure_plate": 6,
"minecraft:lever": 9,
"minecraft:redstone_wall_torch": 56,
"minecraft:redstone_torch": 482,

These are items that send your number in the positive direction.

"minecraft:dark_oak_button": 6,
"minecraft:light_weighted_pressure_plate": 8,
"minecraft:birch_button": 3,
"minecraft:redstone_block": 17,
"minecraft:redstone_torch": 630,
"minecraft:lever": 13,
"minecraft:redstone": 2541,
"minecraft:dark_oak_pressure_plate": 3,
"minecraft: stone_pressure_plate": 4,

As you can see the more red dust you lay and torches you use the worse off you become, but mining the ore does not give you enough back in return.

You are actually doing well, I was looking into statistics of some heavy redstone users and their stats were -3000 and lower.

If you actually use red stone dust and torches this is not the stat for you Sad

Also remember stats are not update continually to the website there is a time delay.
[Image: Carl_71.png]
Thx For the update Carl.

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