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Add a reference info page
Per TinyC in Shoutbox: "Would a thread about basic server infomation such as the spawn tokens, reset timings, cookies etc would be useful. I could start it when i get back."

Please add to this thread what information you would find useful.
what pops into my mind about is:
1. Is there a public farm?
2. is there a netherportal near spawn?
3. where to find a public end portal?
4. ho large is the map?
5. is there a online map of the map.... ?
of course:
6. when does the server restart?
7. what the cookies are good for?

...can we switch the weather?
...what is the chunk update distance?
...is there a random teleport from spawn?

I think, some of the infos ar'nt that good to be answered in the forum. But I think, you should then answer it with something like " this answer is to be given ingame, so griefer don't have this information quickly...!" or so...

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