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Town colors on tab screen
Suggestion: what if the diffrent towns all had their members names diffrent colors? ie: FW members blue, Valkria Orange, ect. It would be very easy to set up and still keep the vanilla feel, being only cosmetic. I know I spend alot of time looking over the tab menu for the people who are online in my town. This would keep everything more organized and help town leaders keep track of who is active or not. 

To create a team: /team add <team name>
To add a color: /team modify <team> color <color>
To add someone to a team /team join <player>

also, just to clarify, this would only change the color of the players name, nothing more

Here is what it might look like

Member of Fractal Waves (which is better than Valkria)

[Image: SAlex925.png]
Because, there is only a certain amount of colors you can choose from and it'd be difficult to keep up with in my opinion ???
Idea Leader of "Fractal Waves".
there are many colors to choose from in the commands, and i dont think there are that many towns. plus, if there ever gets to be too many towns, then we can add a prefix instead of a color by doing /team modify <team> prefix <team name>
Member of Fractal Waves (which is better than Valkria)

[Image: SAlex925.png]
I like this idea, but I have a few questions.
If I understood it right, the player is typing in the command. I'm asking myself, if it would still fit with Vanilla. Maybe the admins could implement it into the VH-Guide Book.
From which number of residents would a town counts to get an unique colour? Would the larger cities get priority of the colour or the first one who triggers the command (or an admin) ?
There are also some people who belong to several towns. I don't know if it would be an accurate way to find your online town members.
It's not a bug, it's a feature!
Hi, it's a nice idea but the teams would conflict with our internal team system we use to run the server. Also colored teams would leave players wondering if they mean anything, like admins, moderators, donators etc. For these reasons and others I cannot discuss here, we sadly will not implement this.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]

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