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Disappearing Trident v2
After posting about my trident disappearing once before, and someone finding it and returning it, it has, sadly, disappeared again, this time, i fear there is no return. I threw my trident at a phantom that was close to attacking me, i missed and in less than a second the phantom killed me. I've looked everywhere that the might be, but i can not find it. I believe i have seen this on a bug report before, but i can't seem to find it now. Since it is due to a bug, could an admin help me? It had Unbreaking 3, Loyalty 3, Channeling, Mending, Impaling 5, and was named "The Great Fork of Fractal Waves"

Thank You.
Member of Fractal Waves (which is better than Valkria)

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Hi, this is a known problem with the game itself and not a server-related bug. We can only wait for Mojang to patch this bug in upcoming releases. Sadly, no replacement will be provided in this situation.
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