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Can't figure out how to join the server

So as the initial thread subject might suggest, and as most people probably will think "why do you need help with such a basic thing"?

Well, I just tried again in many years to play Minecraft online once again, I was browsing vanilla Minecraft servers, then find this one as it is PvE. As I am writing the information into the "add server", there is a thing called "port", and I have never had this issue on any other game. I am familliar with games where you remotely need to enter the server address in order connect to it, but it is the first time I cannot find anywhere as to what to do about the port. So I am asking for help as to what am I meant to do or type in that field? I am completely clueless and no explanation that I have found so far has been of any help.
Hi Creepy Fries

In multiplayer select the add a server button

Server name: What ever you like

Server Address: mc.vanillahigh.net

You should not need to add the port this should work fine

Could I ask one question, which version of Minecraft are you using?
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I have tried so many times now. But all it ever says is "Could not establish connection to the world", also tried this with another server address, exact same result. ;(
Sorry CreepyFries I added a question whilst you were replying.

Which Edition of Minecraft do you have? Java, Windows 10 etc?
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Windows 10
This is your problem, to be able to play on any of these servers you are looking at you have to purchase the Java version.

The Windows 10 Edition is different just like the mobile and Xbox editions. None of these platform versions allow you to connect to the java servers.
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