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Vanilla High Event place
Hello everyone!

I was thinking of setting up an event place like on the last 1.12 map next to Normandie Park.

It's a place where everyone from the server can join a competition once it takes place to meet and have fun together.
The winner/s can win a prize and will be screenshotted with all of the participants to immortalize themselves Smile .
The screenshots with the names of the participants will be added to the corresponding event post.

The start of a competition will be announced on this forum timely. Once a date is set, the event will take place at least twice because of the different time zones of the players. This year I discovered Discord so I could announce an event there, in order to not overfill the forum.

The type of the next competition changes as soon as the event is over. The event place will be therefore rebuilt for the next event. 
On the last map it was simply surrounded by medieval walls and towers. Only the inner part will be reset for the a next event.

The location is important. It have to be an easily accessible place for everyone.

If you have access to the older posts, you can get an idea of this.

I would be glad if you write me what you think about it. I would be also glad if someone wants to assist me in building it in a different style or organizing if we decide to realize it.
It's not a bug, it's a feature!
I suggest something Zelda themed since November is ZELDA MONTH
-Hero 0f Valkria-
[Image: Hero456.png]
Please vote or send me a message until October 31st. Thank you
It's not a bug, it's a feature!

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