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Shulker Theft in Tarrey Town
At least to members of Tarrey Town, athantavar and Lyzk3l, were robbed of a shulker box each, both of which contained several of their personal belongings. It's possible that this theft occurred not long ago, as both players claim to have had their respected boxes the last time they were logged onto the server. I understand that this incident doesn't directly involve me and that perhaps I shouldn't speak on behalf of others. But Tarrey Town is my town, and as it's founder and one of it's acting leaders, I want to ensure the safety of it's citizens and their property. I don't know how many people were effected by this, but I'm hoping some admin intervention might shine some light on this situation. Please do what you are able. I will do whatever I can to help.

We are currently understaffed during the new year celebrations. Someone will pick up your report when available.
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Hello Kajebus.

After a thorough investigation we've found no stranger in your area, so this is extremely likely to be an internal town issue.
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