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Did my paper work!! Town Inactivity
Alright!! So I've caught up on all my paper work and you can double check it for me if needed. But from what MC Statistics show me and it usually is a pretty reliable source, I was wrong on Lionesss due to where it was my lack of checking her. Due to lack of inactivity among these players, we here in Fractal Waves would like to open some new openings for new members that maybe more active.

Here are the list of players to like maybe reset their spawn and what not, could we do that if possible?

Players that haven't been on since before 11/05/2018, two months ago.

1) 11/11/2018: DivineUmbella/Lemzzz - Only reason I say them 6 days after 11/05/2018. is only due to where neither started on a house or anything yet.

2) Giannism/Kamalgar: 10/04/2018-10/31/2018: Discord Inactivity + In-Game, they were a help to the town and would be more then welcome to comeback and join us at anytime if they joined back...

3) Before 10/10/2018: dark_angel_45, Guruknak, SugarBaby3D, stress, Notfore, Narisah, and _SandShark_.

4) A1E177, I believe he has been banned/jailed anyways.
Idea Leader of "Fractal Waves".

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