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Almost gone but glad I stayed
Hey folks!

So a little more than a week ago I first joined the server, as I was looking for a nice community to play with. Kind requests of co-operation were turned down by the members since I was new and therefore possibily a troll. 

After logging in a few times someone finally decided to take the chance and invited me to Tofu's factory. So I'm helping him build the town now, but I first want to finish my house, you're all welcome to come check it out when it's done!

As I said, I like community based servers and so I find this a proper time to introduce myself: My name is Youri, 22 years old and living in The Netherlands. I've had several times I played for months and then months not. So after not having played (on pc) for a long time I was looking for a nice place to refresh my builds and meet some new builders/miners, so here I am!

I am really interested to see other towns that the community has created, so if you see me in-game, please invite me over!

Happy building!

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Welcome and I hope you enjoy everything the community has to offer Smile
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