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Missing or Dead villagers
Hi, so I have a villager spawner that Vintage Dorito helped me set up. I played earlier today and I have about 20 villagers in the above ground part. I log off for about 3 hours, I get back on and all but 4 are missing and they're down in the underground spawner part, which was closed off. I don't know who would have done this, there's fences and there weren't any zombie villagers around. I'm really bummed out about it. They didn't even steal from my house or break my farms or anything. Just my villagers are gone.
Unfortunately, this is a known game bug. There are a lot of issues around villagers on every server. We offer insurance against malicious players, but not against game mechanics. It's annoying and discouraging that the game does this. Since 1.14 is focused on villages, I'm hoping they fix this.

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