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Hello there,

I had a few ideas on ways of improving the server and even the forums itself without further ado - lets being.

1) I would love to see some interesting Head shops that sell Fruit's - like Apples, Oranges etc this would be amazing for custom tree making.

2) I would love to make Donations but the Donation choice is too high, I suggest a lower priced Donation of $2 then $5 then reaching the 10 and 20 +

3) PVP is not something fully explosive on the server but id love to see a larger battle arena for spawn for those wanting to fight each other. however this does not bother me too much

4) Maybe more voting websites - if possible, not sure how that all works but only if possible (again not so much of a problem personally)

Thank you for reading my suggestions, look forward to hearing what you think about them.

Harry / British_Beef
I agree with the additional heads
[Image: Haberja.png]
You suggested, we listened! Fruit heads such as Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Mango are now available as one of Kimber's randomized trades! More may be added in the coming days.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]
Yay ! =D

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