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Fractal Waves Rules

On behalf of the Vanilla High Community, it's required for all players that join to read the server rules.
If you haven't read them please visit the link at: http://vanillahigh.net/rules/


Once you've read the server rules, continue reading our additional rules that we've added for our community.

1) Please be respectful of all players that join the town.
NOTE: If you have any issues, please contact a "Town Leader" or post in our #issue channel under the "Lobby" category in our discord.

2) If you're griefed/raided, please "DO NOT" post in the forums (here) or contact admins first... They won't get involved immediately, it's our job as "Town Leaders" to try and resolve the situation. If we're not able to do so, we'll then post a thread on the forums stating the situation.


Players whom are "Guests" and accepted to visiting "Fractal Waves" must always ask a "Town Leader" before visiting.
~NOTE: Players without a request to visit our town will be killed on sight.

1) Please "DO NOT" share any coordinates to any player that's not assigned the rank of "Town Member" in our discord.
~NOTE: Please notify a "Town Leader" if anyone is asking other then a "Town Member", let that player
know to get ahold of one of us and we'll get back with them as soon as possible.


Entities added to any area aren't to exceed above the 200 limit, please always plan a fluctuation of around 30 entities in any area.
~NOTE: If you notice any area around the town above the entitiy limit, please notify the owner of the property. If they fail to respond or you
don't know who the area belongs too. Contact a "Town Leader" and we'll deal with the situation.


Players that decide to join our "Fractal Waves", are required to approve this rule in their application when taking our [ POP QUIZ ].
~NOTE: This is to assure of incase of any situations a player leaves and join back to accuse us of raiding.

On behalf of the Fractal Waves Community, it's our goal to have a active discord/town community.

This requires our players to participate in our discord/town activities such as: collecting materials for projects, building projects (if asked), viewing applications, voting, etc... Once you've completed the application and had it reviewed/accepted by a "Town Leader, you'll receive three new channels... #town-chat, #coordinates, and #issues.

It's your responsibility to notify a "Town Leader" by PMing them in the discord or the #issues if you intend on being away from the discord/game for any longer than two weeks. After your two weeks is finished, you'll receive our [ TWO WEEK - WARNING ] message. If you fail to respond throughout two weeks of that message, that player will receive their [ FINAL WARNING ] message. After a week without a response, the "Town Leaders" will take action into destructing your bed, storage, and property to move everything to the "Fractal Waves - Vault".

~NOTE: MC Statistics allows us to check the last time a player was active from the game. Although, we "DO NOT" require you to play "Minecraft" everyday. Everyone has a life to live, we do however; ask if you're able to find the time once or twice throughout two weeks to keep in contact with us over the discord we'd highly appreciate it. We'll also "NOT" destruct all players builds, but if the town continues to expand and we choose to build in the area you're built in, we'll check the last time you've logged and if you haven't been online for longer then two months we'll open the area to higher activity.

- [ TWO WEEK - WARNING ] Message

On behalf of the Fractal Waves Community, we'd like to inform you that you've been inactive from our community for longer than two weeks.
~NOTE: Remember we're a discord oriented town, this doesn't require you to log into the game. Although, it'd be nice of you if you could take the time once or twice throughout the week to log into the discord/game to aware us you're still around.

Certain situations may come up that doesn't allow you to do so, but please be sure to try your hardest to alert the town.
~NOTE: Players that fail to reply to this message within two weeks, will receive another
message within another two weeks to alert them as their [ FINAL WARNING ].

- [ FINAL WARNING ] Message

On behalf of the Fractal Waves Community, we're sorry that you've failed to keep in contact with us.

Hopefully you're okay, as we certainly wish you the best as you're one of our "Fallen Fractlings"... You'll have this last week to respond before your bed, storage, and property have a chance to be destructed for a higher activity rate. Items will be moved to the "Fractal Waves - Vault".


On behalf of the Fractal Waves Community. I "IGN Username", have read and agree to the rules of the Vanilla High and Fractal Waves.



Players whom choose to use our "Community Farms" are held responsible to replant/harvest, if there are materials in the chests, "DO NOT" take everything. Please materials for other players to use as well, if you're caught leaving the farms replanted you'll highly be frowned upon.

This applies to players that choose to use our "Community Storages", please donate items if you see any chests running low on that certain item. If you're caught taking and never donating back to the "Community Storage" we can easily get rid of it and replace it with another usage.


If you're accepted into the town, players are free to roam the town and search for any area they desire as long as it isn't already occupied.
~NOTE: Please still ask before building, it's required to ask a "Town Leader" if the area is available.


Players are suggested to travel outside far away from the town to collect supplies, due to where we like having a lot of greenery added around the town and a lot of natural scenery. If by any chance you see damage done, please report it to one of our "Town Leaders". Don't leave it for someone else to fix, it'd be much appreciated if you contacted one of us before taking action of your own. Also, throughout the pathways lined with spruce logs. Please "DO NOT" change the logs to stripped logs... This does count as a form of raiding and you'll be kicked.
Idea Leader of "Fractal Waves".

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