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Hello there,

I had a few more ideas just pouring from mind, lets begin.

1) hosted events at spawn, maybe some areas for event spaces to take place? I had some in mind have everyone on the server defend themselves and spawn from large armies of zombies (as an example) or even some Mild item based drop parties - not powerful items to unsettle the economy.

2) Head shops a really good feature to this server, love to see some gem-like heads, amethyst, amber, ruby etc great for some towns for decoration such as RockDigger's Pirate-Nautical like town, or LocalColt's trade posts or myself for crystal caves - just ideas for another milestone at some point.

3) Possible VHGuide "add Location" - I doubt its possible, but say if there's a wonderful area/ town we wish to return to quickly a teleportation marker would be an interesting feature although I am aware this could upset the balance of vanilla travel to towns.

4) Restarts Could be ever 3 hours I feel there is always a quick slot in which to play in then the server restarts - however I know Restarts are necessary to keep server running efficiently.

5) Hire a secret Admin to keep watch over some players joining the server - had some rude disturbing people online today causing trouble through various accounts.

Thank you for Reading, all the best

British Beef ;3
1) Eh why not
2) Would be laggy generating the textures if there is a lot but I would like it
3) No.
4) Well it's not like it takes half an hour to restart, less than 30 sec is already more than acceptable
5) That's kinda already what they are doing
They don't really need secret admins as there are plenty of full time players that contact the admins when there are issues like that
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