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Cherry Ville Griefing
This morning I woke up to see cherry ville griefed, I can not say how long ago this occured but i do know that this occured some time between mid jan to February as it was not like this when I last came online. I have done a quick run around and confirm that majority of the places hit contained beds or chest rooms. 

As far as i can tell from my quick run around Hellfreeze, iknowyoursalty, kjk, Ns_chocochip, Gintoki, Skuby/Mentos, Town centre, Town hall, Town Grinders & SixDeadly have been hit with lava, water and c4. I do not know about the temples, Hero & castlergeyskull areas and the extent of their damages. Their was also a little girl who had a house in our town and I believe it has been destroyed but I am not sure.

I would suggest if possible to use spectator mode when restoring builds as they often span over very large areas and are often not visible at first glance. In the off chance that nothing can be salvaged I will have to notify the towns members through discord or skype.

Furthermore, Would it also be possible to know the name of the party responsible for all the damages. 

If I am needed for any further information I am available on both skype and discord.
Finally! Someone from Cherry Ville shows up Smile

I stumbled upon the griefing while doing a routine patrol on the major bases and saw that Cherry Ville got hit pretty bad. The raider/griefer, LordBlockHead1, was identified on 11 February after having griefed/raided earlier in February.

Luckily, we have an older backup set from which we had a good copy of Cherry Ville. We may be able to restore the area to it's former glory. This is by pure luck that I found out about the griefing while on patrol. It is important for players to log on every now and then to check if their base is intact and report it on the forum. Backups sadly do not go back forever. Had I not discovered this and it was only reported after about 1 month, chances are we may not have been able to rollback.

I will follow up on this report. Watch for updates here.
[Image: rtgPp1R.jpg]
CherryVille rolled back. Incident closed.
[Image: rtgPp1R.jpg]

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