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Jail Appeal
Hello, My in game name is "CorinthKing" and I have been jailed I believe for using X-Ray hacks. The time of being Jailed is 3:30Pm PST 3/9/2019.

I honestly don't have an excuse for hacking on this server, and I do regret it. I found my time on this server enjoyable, and I liked the community it has. I apologize for using this unfair method and I will to switch to the vanilla client if staff finds it fit to un-jail me.
Hi CorinthKing,

The rules are in place to protect the server, using hacks is against the rules that you agreed to when joining the server.

Thank you for being honest, at this time I am willing to give you a second chance based on the following conditions:
1. You will have a temporary ban of 5 days from the server. Ban to be lifted on 14th March 2019.
2. You will be returned to the rules tower to read and accept our rules again.
3. You will have your inventory cleared.
4.  Any further breach of our rules will result in a permanent ban with no chance of appeal.

Please respond here if you accept these conditions and wish to return to the server. Your bed spawn will not be touched.
I accept those conditions and thank you.
So should I try to contact staff on the server? I am not sure what times they are usually online.
There are currently no mechanisms to offline clear and unjail a player. Next time you're online, draw attention to the chat that you are waiting to be processed from jail. Someone who knows admins on Skype may contact them for the process.
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