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Ban Appeal
To, The Vanilla High Staff Team

Hello its DillanVan the odds of anyone remembering me is very low. I know this is nowhere near 7 days after the infraction and I have no idea when the ban was executed but I didn't .find any rules stating how to post a ban appeal if t was from a Loong time ago. I xrayed on your server and was jailed so I tried to ban evade (my alt is named BlockHead0_0) I Have no more access to that account though. and even with that much trouble, I was still given a second chance that I tried to use wisely until I was "caught xraying" whether that's true or not i can't remember I'm sorry. anyway, that's beside the point I still made a mistake the first time. its been a long time like 6+ months. when i had originally logged on i was looking for a fun experience and when I found it I told my friends witch did not go well they just laughed and told me they outgrew Minecraft (I'm 15 so are they) so I decided to cause as much cause as I could which wasn't much with your fast-acting staff. I am so sorry for causeing your tight little pack any problems all those months ago Point is I have learned to simply not tell them I play Minecraft and have enjoyed my time on a prisons server for a while will they reset with a brand new kind of prison which I wasn't a fan of. So i quit there and started playing a small steam game named "survived by" go check it out its a great game, but they're shutting down soon so I wanted to get back into the vanilla high community like I was for a few great weeks of 2018. Hope you can forgive the past actions I hope I have provided some evidence that I outgrew such actions and expressed how much id love to join your amazing community once again. 

My apologies, Dillan Vandenbosch
Hi DillanVan,

You were banned in December 2018 for x-raying again despite being given a chance to return on the server after being caught x-raying previously.

For reference, these are the two former threads dealing with your bans/appeals.

Your present appeal will be discussed among staff and a reply will be posted here when we have reached a verdict. Watch this thread for updates.
[Image: rtgPp1R.jpg]

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