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2 Days ago, two guys wanted join my town. 
When they come they griifed my house (4 chests,2 shuklers, some building blocks), and blocks from our Town Storage.
Since then they didn't came in the server again.
Hi Creventon,

I will be handling this incident. Sorry to hear about the grief. This is one of the reasons why established towns on the server do not usually welcome new players on day 1 on the server. Most prefer to wait for new players to play for a while and demonstrate they're good apples.

That being said, your base is within the insurance distance and you are eligible for replacement items you lost in the grief or a rollback. I will liaise with you in-game to follow-up.
[Image: rtgPp1R.jpg]
The case is closed. Thanks for the fast reply from the Staff.
Everything is back and now i can have fun again in the server. o7
Appreciate your patience while we dealt with the situation. Items have been replaced.
[Image: rtgPp1R.jpg]

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