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Jailed Appeal
its been about 10 minutes since i was jailed. i have been jailed because i explicitly used X-ray. i have no justification why i used it other than i wanted to get diamonds. it gave me an unfair advantage and therefore i was banned. i do formally apologize for my actions and would most humbly request being unjailed. i do let u acknowledge that i will NOT be using the X--ray mod anymore and hope that i will be unjailed.

i'd like to add that today is my first (technically) day on VH .. and by reading the other appeals i can see that you usually clear player inventories... my inventory contains an elytra which my friend gave me and is 100% authentic .. i really dont want to lose it if possble .. furthermore.. most of the items that i gained from the X-ray arent in my inventory.. and i can gladly show you the items and you can do whatever u want with them
Oh come on Proto... I specifically gave you stuff so you won't have to mine any...
Thank you for being honest about using the xray hack, however this was not the sole reason for your jailing.

You were caught trying to exploit a duping glitch in the game, this is not a minor indiscretion. Duping items is extremely hazardous to the economy of the server, and with server notifications being posted at regular intervals you have no excuse for ignoring this rule.

Our rules are in place to protect our server. Your jailing was purely so that experienced members of the team could check evidence, your jailing will be upgraded to a permanent ban with no chance of appeal now that the evidence has assessed.
oh well, atleast return the items for shayzis.. i feel bad for his tools and elytra
(04-05-2019, 03:17 PM)Xprotoza Wrote: oh well, atleast return the items for shayzis.. i feel bad for his tools and elytra

We do not return loaned items from banned players.
I even told you they weren't legal Sad

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