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Missing shulker box (raided? finder's fee!)

I keep my stuff that I trade in a shulker box. I usually keep it in my inventory so that I don't forget it when I go to spawn.

Last time I was on, April 10 around 7:20 pm CET is the last time I knew I had it. I traded with Cocobi and I_Kill_Ravers and I used the shulker placement machines in one of the trade booths.

I'm fairly certain I took the shulker box with me when I left, because I was looking for a place to craft DBs from the diamonds I got.

I think one of the following happened:

  1. I might have dropped/forgotten the box in the booth or at spawn. Someone found it and hit the jackpot. In this case, if you found it I'd give you 20% of the contents or an equivalent amount in diamonds to get it back! I can name the contents and the color of the box of course.
  2. I put it down somewhere in my base when I got back. I know I was AFK in my base when I left the game last time. I might have gotten raided, but I don't see anything else missing.
  3. Bug with missing inventory... doesn't seem likely at all to me.

Please help!

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