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Griefed again
Again our base has been griefed. The vandal left lava all over the place, destroyed the beds and took all the diamonds and the emeralds. He took also a lot of other items, like slime, coal, paper, iron, ... A boat was left in our pier. I can't be sure, but my guess is that the griefer travelled in the overworld from a nearby portal as we disabled ours.

My take is that the someone immature is taking his revenge.
This sounds like a case for a rollback. I recommend you stop working in your area and we'll coordinate that with you.

The griefer has been identified and banned.
OK, we will put on hold all activity in the area. Ready when you are.
Base will be rolled back from backup ASAP. The griefer was the same one that griefed you before. We are going to broaden the ban.
[Image: rtgPp1R.jpg]
Everything seem back to normal. Thanks!

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