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A Garden at West Farm
So I made a little garden at the farm just west of spawn.
Ya know, that place that gets griefed every now and then.

Until the inevitable happens, the garden is there for all the West Farm visitors to
enjoy a few quite moments in before getting back to searching for diamonds and 
fighting off all of those unfriendly mobs.

Here are some pictures of the … uh, temporary ( hey, I'm a realist) garden at West Farm.

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  • Dawid27, UTBeefies
It looks great. I need to visit it as long as it is still there Wink
It's not a bug, it's a feature!
Thanks Dawid!

I went back less than 24 hours after building
and ( not suprised) all of the flowers had been
"picked" some of the colorful blocks taken,
and the center lantern in the pool gone with water
pouring into Sammy Smash's place below.
Not sure what's left of my little garden at this point.

Sigh... The expected consequences of building
so close to spawn.
Thankfully you took a picture.
(04-26-2019, 09:44 PM)UTBeefies Wrote: Thankfully you took a picture.

I'll always have that as a memory.

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