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Dindu nuffin
Staff Notice:

The following appeal has language that is inappropriate for non-mature audiences and very improper for a family-friendly venue. However, it shall stay as is for records-keeping for the present. Read at your own discretion if you wish.

Bro i am in a predicamence right now ya feel me. so I was just minding my own business raidin some noobs base n' shit ya feel me, when I got locked up in jail, put behind bars! Man i aint never wanna go back to jail, them guards is always mean n those guys dont play around there. mostly the mexicans and the other bruthers in the jail spend all day on bench and on god i saw a guy from the cell across from me lift an 18 wheeler with one hand on god. anyway, to whomst've it may concern, I dindu nuffin and need to be released from this prison immediately. i cant imagine why i wouldve got put in jail in the first place, other than the fact that i'm black and you guys are racist. i got a family to feed, what about shyreisha and little tyrone? you just gonna let em starve? really even if i did xray and get like a stack of diamonds and full diamond armor in one day, thats none of ur damn bizness nyway. its a free country, quit snoopin on me like a damn stalker buncha NSA lookin headass. i also made two good friends on that server so shout out to the homies 

btw hitler wasnt so bad, maybe if germany won world war II we wouldn't have all these damn muslims running around ruining europe and allahu akbarring the twin towers. if you want to learn more about these intriguing topics i would recommend reading "The Bell Curve" by Charles A Murray and Richard Hernstein and fucking yourself in the ass with a jalapeno. 
[Image: average-iq-by-country.html]

If you look at the average IQ by country, you can clearly see why Africa and the global south in general is such a shithole. We do not need any more of these monkeys running loose outside of the jungle, as they bring with them high levels of violent crime and drain our economy. 

also if i wanna call kids nigger, i do have the n-word pass. so yes, go fuck yourself and unban me this instant or im telling my mom.
Raiding is a violation of the server rules, which you accepted when you joined. After seeing your appeal and your behaviour on the server after you were jailed, I am going to reject your appeal. Better luck on other servers.
[Image: rtgPp1R.jpg]
I know I shouldn't post that here, but I think I've met that guy a few months ago, speaking in a very similar way... I though he was banned but maybe he just left, or maybe he has multiple accounts. I think someone should check.

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