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Daily Delinquent
I was working on the nether hub when a player by the name of "cisacoolinitial" passed by. They followed me around for a bit while I was working. It seemed that they had decided to leave me alone, when all of a sudden the pillars in the nether hub had been blocked off, causing lava to flow out across the floor (and onto me). After I noticed them doing this, I swiftly ended them and began fixing the pillars. Shortly after, they returned and tried griefing the pillars again, and began a futile attempt at running away. Eventually I just removed the lava, to which they responded by trying to fill the area with cobblestone and shooting at me from a distance with a bow. After killing them a few more times they stopped bothering me and left the server.

I do not think this person is capable of displaying the type of conduct befitting of a Vanilla High citizen.

Thank you for your time.
Checking on it.

Thank you for reporting! Cisacoolinitial has been jailed.

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