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The missing entities.
I seems there is a bug that removes entities of all types. From my observations it happens at random after server restarts. This can happen to named entities as well. As far as I know there is no safe guard for this other than keeping an entity in a boat or a mine cart. I think that this is due to minecarts and boats also being entities. The issue with this is that it can quickly cause the entity count to rise. This bug can also affect item frames so it is a good idea not to keep valuable items in frames. As another caution valuble armor should be taken off of armor stands and stored in a safe place. This bug can also remove entire Fully loaded armor stands. 
Good luck out there VH.
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Yes this has happened many times with my villagers. I've lots several hallfulls of villagers that way, and a few pet phantoms. Lots my mending villager too that way. I think it still happens in minecarts too, as it has to me.
I can confirm that Minecarts despawn with villagers in them.
Can confirm. ALL of my entities have eventually disappeared. The only ones I’ve managed to save were my fish, who are now in buckets in a chest. I hope this gets resolved eventually. Pets and villagers are half the fun for me.

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