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ShopLifting in Addlington

I'm sorry to say that someone has been taking stuff from my book and elytra shop withought paying.  I thought that someone had taken some mending, but wasn't sure, so I didn't post anything (this was a couple of weeks ago) but I can hardly fail to notice that one of the Elytras have gone from the shop.  As extra information, Addlington is twinned with the Town of the One Armed Pumpkin (there is an ice road) so the thief is probably the same one as there. I will be happy to answer any questions about this in game.  Also, if it is possible to get my elytra back, that would be nice (its mending, Unb II).

Thanks in advance for your help

Zog Smile

I will also add, that after looking around, lots of small things seem to have gone: the diamond and emerald from my throne, the map in the town hall, etc
The map in the town hall disappeared, like the villagers, horses and Merry the llama (rip Sad ) due to the 1.14 glitches and bugs.
For the second time in 2 days, a part of my Mansion's basement has been modified, I don't know if it's by the thief/grieffer or not.
This post by Rillo include similarities, and has Zog said, our two towns are connected, so it's probably the same. https://forums.vanillahigh.net/showthread.php?tid=4065
As I am writing this post, the last known deeds of this player happened between 10 hours ago and 26 hours ago. (When I connected this morning/when Rillo made the post and when I last disconnected yesterday evening.)

Thanks to whoever looks into this.

I only see town members from the two towns in Addlington over the past few days, so I'm referring this back to you as a town matter.

The map is likely a 1.14 crash glitch. Maps and item frames are entities and those are particularly vulnerable.
(05-06-2019, 04:18 AM)CreepersHappen Wrote: I only see town members from the two towns in Addlington over the past few days, so I'm referring this back to you as a town matter.

Could you send the list in PM (if possible) ? I would really like to check it, me or Zog that is. I'm pretty suuuuuuuu... I had a revelation. I would like the list still tho, let me ask a certain Agarz something first.
Like I stole things
(06-18-2019, 05:40 PM)AgarzBurgerz__ Wrote: smh
Like I stole things

You know when this was posted I actually asked you in-game and you said no so I didn't ask again right?

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